At ASPCL, we implement various systems in households and workplaces throughout Ajman to help reduce the use of water on a daily basis. However, as an individual, saving water starts with you.

With every drop of water saved, we as a community are a step closer to achieving a more sustainable world to live in. Each individual has a part to play in ensuring a safe environment for years to come

By employing a few changes in your day-to-day, you can help the community save numerous amounts of water this summer:

Water Saving Tip 1: Start With the Bathroom

In a typical household in Ajman, the bathroom is responsible for the most water consumption. Adapting small changes in habit, such as closing the tap when brushing your teeth or taking less baths and more short showers – you save a fair amount of water on a daily basis.

Water Saving Tip 2: Smart Kitchen Habits

An easy way to lower water consumption is by running dishwashers and washing machines when they are fully loaded. Full loads make the best use of water, energy and detergents. A further step is considering a high-efficiency washing machine model on the market that uses an average of 30 percent less water and 40 percent less energy. These models can be found in any major store in the UAE.

Water Saving Tip 3: Watch Out For Water Leakages

It is vital to check for water leakages in and around your home on a regular basis. It is said that about 15 to 17 percent of water loss happens on account of undiscovered water leakages, which can have a compounded negative effect on the household.

Water Saving Tip 3: Invest in Technology

By purchasing simple gadgets, you not only reduce water consumption but also reduce utility bills. On your next visit to a supermarket or hardware store, look out for water savers such as basic aerators and shower flow regulators, which only cost Dh25 and Dh30 each and can easily be fitted without specialist tools or professional help. These low-flow showerheads are able to reduce water consumption by 50 to 70 percent without a clear impact on your daily routine.

Water Saving Tip 4: Garden Better

For better water absorption, water plants before 8am or after 6pm and avoid watering on windy days. In addition, water your plants in several short sessions rather than one long session. This not only ensures that your plants absorb the maximum amount of water, but that no water is wasted in the process.

Water Saving Tip 5: Tame the Toilet

  • Toilet flushing
  • Replace old toilets, which use between 5 and 7 gallons of water per flush, with an efficient modern toilet that uses only 1.6 gallons.
  • Fix leaking toilet tanks at the end of the day to preserve wasted water.

When it comes to water consumption, we as a community must educate ourselves on facts we would otherwise have not known. Every effort, whether small or large, leads to a prosperous future for us all in Ajman. As individuals, water conservation starts with us…