Ajman students explore the importance of water sustainability

AME Info Logo-WhiteBackgroundStaff Reporter / 12 October 2015

Reckoning the need to raise awareness of the importance of water, wastewater management, treated water re-use and water preservation to maintain it as a sustainable resource, Ajman Sewerage hosted over 300 students from several Arabic schools in the Emirate as part of their CSR initiative programme on 6th and 7th October 2015.

The event, called ‘Open Days at the Wastewater Treatment Plant’, was conducted under the patronage of Ajman Sewerage’s Community Care Foundation in collaboration with the sewerage operator Moalajah, a joint venture between BESIX and Veolia, and the Municipality & Planning Department of Ajman.

Pupils aged between 10 – 15 years from Al Aqsa Private School, Asma Bint Omise School for Secondary Education and Al Rashedia School for Secondary Education were made aware of available water sources in Ajman, typical household water consumption values, the wastewater treatment process as well as various uses of the final product which is treated water.

They were also sensitized on the significant role they too can play in the day-to-day uses and water preservation at home and at school by implementing a series of water saving tips.

Playing a responsible role on wastewater management and water recycling, Ajman Sewerage treats a total of 80 million litres of wastewater per day. With a vision of creating a cleaner and greener environment for present and future generations, Ajman Sewerage strives to provide best practices in water treatment services to revitalize Ajman’s water resources.

Sharing more on its Community Care Foundation programme, Christophe Ledur, Ajman Sewerage’s General Manager said: “These children are going to be tomorrow’s responsible citizens and we feel it is our duty to make them aware of the limited natural resources we have. Water preservation is as important as wastewater treatment and therefore this humble initiative is a step in the direction in as far as ensuring that future generations are aware of its importance. We want to instil a culture of accountable water usage among our children as a way of securing their future.”

After the interactive sessions with Ajman Sewerage’s team, the pupils also had fun with some refreshments and goodies to bring back to school or at home.


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