Ajman Sewerage completes collection network

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Staff Reporter / 24 October 2014

Ajman: The Ajman Sewerage Company, which was formed as a partnership between the Government of Ajman and two leading international experts from the private sector, BESIX and Veolia, announced on Thursday that it has completed another significant part of its sewage collection network by completing the connection of an additional 14,000 properties to the network in Ajman.

The project, which took 36 months to complete due to the high density of these areas, covers approximately 20 kms of sewage pipelines connecting residential and commercial properties located in and around Al Nakheel, Al Bustan, Al Rumaila and parts of Al Liwara.

Ajman Sewerage Company General Manager, Christophe Ledur, said that the network expansion plan in these areas was carried out as a result of the new infrastructure development in the City.

“As the Municipality of Ajman spearheaded the infrastructure development in these areas, our core role was primarily to ensure that our wastewater collection network was also made available to these residents and property owners and developers.

“The areas that have been connected to the sewerage network include commercial and multistoreyed buildings, major hotels along Corniche Road, governmental organisations and business offices,” noted Christophe Ledur.

Ledur also noted that as a result of the expansion, property tenants and owners would now enjoy an enhanced quality of life with the installation of the underground pipelines, which eliminates the inconvenience caused by tankers, septic tanks and all related issues.

The sewage collected is pumped to the Ajman Sewerage wastewater treatment plant for treatment and the treated water is then reused for commercial purposes as well as to beautify Ajman through irrigation and greenery purpose.

Ajman Sewerage, which is responsible for the collection and treatment of all wastewater produced in the Emirate of Ajman, is also planning to connect an additional 1,750 properties in the Al Liwara area, once the Municipality of Ajman completes the current town planning review of the area.
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