Ajman Sewerage calls on stakeholders to support the re-use of treated water

Zawya LogoStaff Reporter / 20 November 2014

UAE, Ajman: Ajman Sewerage (Private) Company Ltd. (ASPCL) has announced that it is working towards a master plan to ensure that over fifty percent of all treated water in Ajman is re-used in a bid to safe guard its natural water resources, the environment and the valuable desalinated water.

ASPCL currently distributes over 40 per cent of its treated water back into the Emirate for landscape beautification as well as industrial and commercial use.

According to ASPCL General Manager, Christophe Ledur, boosting and maximizing the re-use of treated water is one of the company’s objectives in 2015 and plans are also at an advanced stage to undertake environmental initiatives that will encourage use of treated water.

Mr. Christophe notes that the use of treated water is one of the most sustainable alternatives compared to the use of boreholes, wells or desalinated seawater, which has a very high carbon footprint. He notes that studies show that the use of groundwater is unsustainable and if no urgent action is taken, a strategic natural resource will be completely lost.

“We want to protect our natural water resources by turning used water into a reliable resource. Treated water is a valuable and sustainable resource that must not only be exploited in order to safeguard the environment, but also ensure that we meet future demand for the coming generations,” said Mr. Christophe.

Statistics indicate that the average water consumption per capita in the UAE is 2.5 times the world average water consumption per capita. Groundwater table is falling and salinity is increasing year after year and although seawater desalination boosts the supply of fresh water, it has a very high carbon footprint.

“For Ajman to secure its water resources, all stakeholders will need to focus primarily on ways to reduce water usage as well as increase and invest in water recycling initiatives. As we seek to develop new water sources, we need to turn our attention to treated water, which is a ready, reliable and sustainable source,” noted Mr. Christophe.

Ajman Sewerage

Treated water is already currently used for many applications in terms of landscape and greenery beautification in the City of Ajman as well as on the outskirts for leisure farms. There are also other usages and SAFI, a micro-filtration and reverse osmosis company, offers further treatment for additional commercial and industrial usages. Construction works, concrete ready mix, district cooling and cleaning purposes are all examples of companies benefitting for treated water.”By increasing the use of treated water in Ajman, we are going to further improve the quality of life and standards of living of the residents. This action will also have a trickle-down effect as it will also conserve the environment and continue to spur economic growth in the Emirate,” added Mr. Christophe.

Ajman Sewerage is aiming to contribute to a sustainable and modern UAE with leading water treatment technologies for the benefit of all. Ajman Sewerage constantly strives to provide best practice and leading-edge water treatment services for the benefit of all communities, with the ultimate aim of revitalizing water resources and enhancing the environment.

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