Ajman puts focus on smart city development

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Staff Reporter / 07 March 2016


Ajman Sewerage, an active partner in promoting a greener, cleaner and well-developed UAE, highlighted the advantages of developing a smart sewerage infrastructure in line with its water treatment and recycling expertise at a key seminar in the emirate.

A joint venture between the government of Ajman and leading international water treatment experts Besix and Veolia, the entity collects wastewater, treats it and delivers treated water to the emirate.

The organisation participated in the fourth Ajman International Environment Conference. The event, organised by the Municipality and Planning Department of Ajman, acted as a platform for several industry experts on “Smart Cities and Green Innovation”.

Xavier Mathieu, the technical and performance manager, at Ajman Sewerage, highlighted its core competency and specialisation in wastewater collection, treatment and supply of treated water.

“Over the years Ajman Sewerage and its operator Moalajah, a Besix-Veolia joint venture, has developed a smart sewerage infrastructure in Ajman. The wastewater network is continuously monitored through real-time control and remote management, which provides numerous benefits such as optimised system coordination, increased assets capacity, power savings, and reduced sediment deposition in the sewers and pump stations,” he stated.

This successful technical case in line with Ajman’s 2021 Vision of environmental and operational excellence was presented at the event.

According to him, conservation, re-use and re-cycle are signs of smart cities and productive governance.


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