For us, it is important to keep you informed on latest news and updates. During the last few months, we’ve worked on initiatives to better communicate and engage with the community of Ajman. Based on this, we are delighted to introduce the first official mascot of ASPCL, Azraq.

Who is Azraq?

Azraq is an Arabic word which means ‘blue’. Being a droplet of treated water and a strong brand advocate who emotionally engages with his community, Azraq represents a fun and interactive way for the people of Ajman to see the process of how ASPCL treats water.

With 350 kilometers of underground pipelines, 135,000 properties connected and providing 400,000 Ajman residents with access to clean water, we always have plenty of reasons to directly keep in touch with you. Wearing the traditional head attire of the ghutrah, Azraq aims to keep our message simpler and more personalised. As the official voice of our brand, he aims to be a strong brand ambassador, communicating our message to you across all platforms.

Azraq communicates our message in a visually appealing manner too, which makes it easier to understand our processes, whether they are related to our Easy Payment Services, Eco Friendliness, Science or Innovation.

What does Azraq bring to you?

Along with our Customer Happiness Centers and our contribution to the Ajman Vision 2021, Azraq comes as a welcoming and friendly face to add to your positive experiences in the emirate.

Be prepared to be greeted by him in our customer service centers, water treatment plants and social media platforms, where he will aim to engage and inspire meaningful conversations focused on customer journey experience, environmental awareness, water conservation and building on community engagement.

Azraq brings full transparency and innovation in the way we treat water. Say hello to him by watching the video below created to visualise the process of treating water at ASPCL.

Together with Azraq, we do more than just treat water. We bring water to life.